David Ahlstedt

David Ahlstedt

2009 Newton Invitational

NHS Team at Newton InvitationalNewton Invitational Meet - October 3, 2009

Newton High School hosted their Invitational XC meet this past Saturday at Centennial Park. The Girls team times continue to drop, with 8 of the 10 Varsity and Junior Varsity runners posting personal best times.

Mallorie Coffman set a new NHS record with a time of 15:41, placing 3rd. Erin Loeffler followed in 4th place with a new PR time of 15:46, and Shannon Ahlstedt in 5th place with a new PR of 16:00. The Varsity girls team won the meet with 69 points and an average time of 16:27, edging second place Goddard, with 76 points and an average time of 16:33.

Four JV Girls ran led by Abby Schrag in 10th place at 18:27, followed by Alexis Porter in 18th with a new PR of 19:01, Brianna Gouvion in 22nd with a new PR at 19:28, and Lina Adame with a new PR at 21:12.

The Varsity Boys place 4th with an averge time of 17:43. Austin Lettau led the team in 10th place with a time of 17:21, followed closely by Laban Laloutte in 12th at 17:27.

The JV Boys team was lead by Jerek Shoemaker who placed 2nd with a time of 18:52 - 14 seconds better than his previous record. A.J. Stark set a new PR by 24 seconds in 24:14. The JV Boys team was 4th with an average time of 19:50.

Meet photos will be posted shortly.

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2009 MAC Invitational

McPherson Invitational Results

Several runners competed in their first varsity race at McPherson gaining valuable experience. According to coach Mick " I thought the kids we brought gave a good effort and competed well. This is a difficult course to PR on because of the hills, but several runners improved their times from this meet last year. We had two JV runners medal. Keagan had a good start and moved up several places during the race to finish 3rd. Erin just missed a medal earlier in the season, so it was good to see her rewarded today. These runners won't compete again until our home meet (10/3) which which will be another good challenge for us."

Newton Results Summary / Complete Results


2009 Hesston Invitational

Hesston Invitational Results

The NHS team ran well again at the Hesston Invitational. The meet was run according to school classifications 1-2-3A, and 4-5-6A, and by school class. The boys team finished 7th out of 11 teams, and the girls team finished 2nd out of 10 teams.

For the NHS runners, 17 personal records were set or broken.

Senior Division: Mallorie Coffman placed 1st in the Sr. division with a time of 15:53, followed by 2nd place Erin Loeffler with a time of 16:11. Joel Gouvion led the Sr. boys with a 12th place finish at 18:43, followed by Dylan Koerner in 15th at 19:02.

Junior Division: Shannon Ahlstedt was 2nd with a time of 16:54, followed by Alexis Porter in 18th at 19:44. Austin Lettau was 6th for the boys with a time of 18:12, followed by Rene Madrigal in 8th with a new personal record of 18:34.

Sophomore Division: Laci McCartney led the sohpomore girls in 4th place at 17:21, followed by Amy Kondziola in 7th place at 18:07. Dilan Winter set a new PR in 19:09 placing 12th, followd by Pablo Llamas in 23rd place at 20:43.

Freshman Division: Ardys Woodward set a new PR placing 9th in 17:59, followed by Kelsi Langley in 22nd at 20:15. The boys were led by Keagan Attebery in 27th at 20:48, and Cody Mick in 33rd place at 21:09.

The individual times can be found on the Current Stats page.

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2009 El Dorado

Abby Schrag at El DoradoEl Dorado Invitational Results - October 10, 2009

"The conditions and the competition made for a very tough meet.  Overall, I thought the runners we brought gave a good effort.  The varsity girls had another impressive performance, finishing in 4th place.   Erin, Mallorie and Shannon, were right up there with some of the best runners in the state and turned in some impressive times.  Laci and Kelsi are still learning but they seem to be running with a little more confidence.  I was also happy for Abby Schrag who set an all-time PR and earned a medal in the JV girls race. The boys were without two of our top five runners and that made it very difficult team-wise.  We just need to get healthy and have confidence that we can compete well at League and Regionals." - Coach Richard Mick (Newton had 7 runners who didn't compete today due to illness or injury)


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2009 Buhler Invitational

Buhler Girls Team TitleBuhler Invitational Results

The NHS cross country team continues to improve weekly, with 20 runners posting new personal best times.

The Varsity Girls team ran away with the girls team title by a 19 point margin over 2nd place Buhler. Three runners placed within the top 6 places, with all of the NHS runners placing in the top half. There were 78 runners in this event. Mallorie Coffman was 2nd in 16:05, Erin Loeffler was 4th in 16:11, Shannon Ahlstedt was 6th in 16:19, Laci McCartney was 16th in 17:14, Ardys Woodward was 26th in 17:37, Amy Kondziola was 32nd in 18:00, and Kelsi Langley was 34th in 18:04.

The Varsity Boys team finished a strong 4th placeout of the 12 teams competing. All of the runners set new personal records. Austin Lettau placed 4th in 16:41, shaving 1:20 off his previous personal best time; Laban Lalouett was 18th in 17:13 decreasing his PR by 1:40; Rene Madrigal was 20th in 17:19 taking over a minute off of his previous PR; Joel Gouvion was 27th at 17:40, 1:03 off his previous PR; Dilan Winter was 35th at 17:58, 1:11 better than his previous PR; and Dylan Koerner was 38th at 18:12, 0:50 better than his previous PR. There were 77 runners in this event.

The JV Girls all competed well with Abigail Schrag placing 14th, Alexis Porter 15th, Erin Regier 16th, Brianna Gouvion 32nd, and Lina Adame 43rd.

The JV Boys also continued to improve their race times with 9 of the 10 runners improving their PRs. Wesley Regier led the JV squad in 5th, Jerek Shoemaker was 7th, cody Mick 13th, Joe Kondziola 20th, Keagan Attebery 21st, Zach Stanley 23rd, Jacob Beebe 29th, David Huntley 46th, Jared Ratzlaff 52nd, and AJ Stark 88th.

Teams competing at the meet are Andale, Andover, Augusta, Berean, Circle, El dorado, Haven, McPherson, Newton, Maize South, Rose Hill, Trinity, Winfield, Buhler, and Andover Central.

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2009 AVCTL

Railer Girls win AVCTL Division II Title

AVCTL Team Photo

The Railer Varsity Girls team won the Division 2 AVCTL league meet held Saturday at Lake Afton.

The Newton girls team score was 39 points in an average time of 16:21, followed by McPherson with 52 points and an average time of 16:47. Valley Center was third, followed by Ark City, Campus and Winfield. The Varsity Boys team was 4th with 94 points in an average time of 18:27.

7 Railer Runners set new personal best times.

Newton Individual Results

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AVCTL Division II Results / Complete Results / Photos


2009 NHS Cross Country Team

Runner Gender Grade PR PR Location / Year / Distance Awards / Notes
Erin Loeffler F 12 15:46 Newton Invitational 2009 (4K)

State Qualifier 2007, 2008 / 1st Team AVCTL-II 2008

Mallorie Coffman F 12 15:41 Newton Invitational 2009 (4K) State Qualifier 2007, 2008 / 2nd Team AVCTL-II 2008
Catherina Nilson F 12 19:06 Hesston Invitational 2009 (4K)  
Abby Schrag F 11 18:07 AVCTL 2009 (4K)  
Erin Regier F 11 19:26 Buhler Invitational 2009 (4K)  
Shannon Ahlstedt F 11 15:42 AVCTL 2009 (4K) State Qualifier 2007, 2008 / 1st Team AVCTL-II 2008
Alexis Porter F 11 19:01 Newton Invitational 2009 (4K)  
Lina Adame F 11 21:02 AVCTL 2009 (4K)  
Amy Kondziola F 10 17:33 McPherson Invitational 2008 (4K)  
Laci McCartney F 10 16:55 AVCTL 2009 (4K)  
Kelsi Langley F 09 17:47 El Dorado Invitational 2009 (4K)  
Ardys Woodward F 09 17:36 AVCTL 2009 (4K)  
Brianna Gouvion F 09 19:28 Newton Invitational 2009(4K)  
Joel Gouvion M 12 17:40 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Dylan Koerner M 12 18:12 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Joseph Kondziola M 12 20:00 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
David Huntley M 12 21:20 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Rene' Madrigal M 11 17:19 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Zach Stanley M 11 20:07 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Aaron (A.J.) Stark M 11 24:14 Newton Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Austin Lettau M 11 16:41 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K) State Qualifier 2008 / 2nd Team AVCTL-II 2008
Laban Lalouette M 10 17:01 KS State Championships 2009 (5K)  
Jacob Beebe M 10 20:37 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Dilan Winter M 10 17:58 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Jared Ratzlaff M 10 21:41 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Pablo Llamas M 10 20:14 AVCTL 2009(5K)  
Jerek Shoemaker M 10 18:48 AVCTL 2009 (5K)  
Cody Mick M 09 19:32 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Keagan Attebery M 09 19:34 McPherson Invitational 2009 (5K)  
Wes Regier M 09 18:51 Buhler Invitational 2009 (5K)  
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