Practice! Practice! Practice!

The first official practice for the 2010 Cross Country Season is Monday, August 16th, at 6:30am. Meet at the West entrance of Newton High School.

Athletes should make sure to pre-hydrate by drinking lots of water during the day Sunday.

The practice schedule for the entire season has also been posted under the schedules menu.


NHS XC Mileage Club

Newton High School summer Mileage Club Members

Railer Club -100 Miles
Sydney Bacon 2012
Rachel Fitzjarrald 2011
Brennan Miller 2011
Kasey Stucky 2011
Jonah Wagner 2011
Elyse Berquist 2011
Helam Hernandez 2010
JC Friesen 2010
Jared Ratzlaff 2009
Brianna Gouvion 2009
Erin Loeffler 2008
Dilan Winter 2008
Shannon Ahlstedt 2008
Erin Regier 2008
Abby Shrag 2008
Jacob Beebe 2008
Alexis Porter 2008
Winner Club - 200 Miles
Sadie Winter 2012
Henry Jantzen 2011
Thomas Kelso 2011
Jared Ratzlaff 2011
Corey Helsper 2010
Tavia Hoheisel 2010
Chandler Williams 2010
Joey Greene 2010
Wes Regier 2009
Cody Mick 2009
Joe Kondziola 2009
Joel Gouvion 2009
Ardys Woodward 2009
Jacob Beebe 2009
Jessica Davis 2008
Rene Madrigal 2008
Locomotive Club - 300 miles
Andrew Gehring 2011
Ashlyn Glann 2010
Shannon Ahlstedt 2010
Adam Kelsey 2010
Cody Mick 2010
Dilan Winter 2010
Erin Loeffler 2009
Dilan Winter 2009
Rene Madrigal 2009
Konrad Quiring 2008
Champion Club - 400 miles
JC Friesen 2012
Thomas Kelso 2012
Corey Helsper 2011
Jack Polley 2011
Ashlyn Glann 2011
Helam Hernandez 2011
Laci McCartney 2009
Mallorie Coffman 2008
Black and Gold Club - 500 miles
Adam Kelsey 2011
Mallorie Coffman 2009

NHS Summer Mileage Club

Training for the Newton High School Summer Mileage Clubs starts June 21st!

All runners interested in participating in Cross Country this fall are encouraged to start by training this summer to reach a mileage goal.  Free T-shirts are given to anyone qualifying for a mileage club.  Shirts are sponsored by Roofing Services Unlimited.

  • Railer = 100 miles
  • Winner = 200 miles
  • Locomotive = 300 miles
  • Champion = 400 miles
  • Black & Gold = 500 miles

Goals are based on 10 weeks of training starting on 6/21 and ending on 8/29.

Meet at Newton High School West entrance at 7am.

Past Mileage Club members>>

KSHSAA physical forms must be on file in the NHS office prior to participating!



VO2 Max Calculations


MAX VO2 functionally represents the maximum amount of oxygen that can be removed from circulating blood and used by the working tissues during a specified period. World class endurance athletes generally have high readings. Maximum Oxygen Update (Max VO2) values for selected groups and individuals are as follows:

  • General Population, Female, Aged 20-29: 35-43 ml/kg/min
  • General Population, Male, Aged 20-29: 44-51
  • US College Track, Male: 57.4
  • College Students, Male: 44.6
  • Highest Recorded Female (Cross-Country Skier): 74
  • Highest Recorded Male (Cross-Country Skier): 94

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