NHS Summer Mileage Club

Training for the Newton High School Summer Mileage Clubs starts June 21st!

All runners interested in participating in Cross Country this fall are encouraged to start by training this summer to reach a mileage goal.  Free T-shirts are given to anyone qualifying for a mileage club.  Shirts are sponsored by Roofing Services Unlimited.

  • Railer = 100 miles
  • Winner = 200 miles
  • Locomotive = 300 miles
  • Champion = 400 miles
  • Black & Gold = 500 miles

Goals are based on 10 weeks of training starting on 6/21 and ending on 8/29.

Meet at Newton High School West entrance at 7am.

Past Mileage Club members>>

KSHSAA physical forms must be on file in the NHS office prior to participating!


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